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Търговско-промишлена Палата Благоевград - Проект В3.32.02  Интелигентна специализация  | Smart Specialization

Търговско-промишлена Палата Благоевград - партньорство по проекти финансирани от европейския съюз

Октомври 2008
2700 Благоевград
ул. "Тодор Александров" 23, ет. 6
тел.:073/88 50 17, 073/88 50 18
моб.:0885 067 783, 0899 953 848
e-mail:palata.bl@mail.bg, palata_bl@abv.bg



Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Blagoevgrad has been established at 2007 year, NGO of the business circle and employers in the region of Blagoevgrad. The main Activity is connected with encouragement, support, representation and defense of the economic interests, as the interest of it’s members, but and the interest of all regional companies, improvement of the economic environment and the international economic partnership.
The Chamber work on the following principals: voluntary, self-financing.
The Activity includes support of the local authorities in the building of the regional economic policy and dialogue with the National government institutions.


  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Blagoevgrad;

    Regional Chamber of commerce and Industry is independent NGO, but works with the Local CCI, National Center for Vocational training - branch Blagoevgrad and Europe Direct relay - South - west.
    The Chamber is a member of BCCI, Eurochamres, ARGE - 28 and Bulgarian - Greek Euroregion Strymon - Strouma.

    The experience of the team and the management is long term. It has experience in Project activities, Trainings, Events organization, Business consulting etc.

    The most developed branches in the region are tourism, textile, building and construction, woodworking and furniture, light industry.

    Examples for our project Activity:

    • Project title: MULTYPLY
      (Multiplication of consuLtancy and exporT promotIon Policies for cross-border Labor mobilitY) - Financed by Phare CBC - Bulgaria - Greece programme (2006), the team of the Regioanl Chamber developed and implemented this project;
    • Project title: Civil Information Centre /CIC/ - Building an Information network Europe Direct’s receiving structure - European Information Centre in South-West Bulgarian region etc. - Financed by the European Commission (2008 - 2012)
    • Project title: RBDICT - Regional Business Developmnet through the use of information and communication technologies as partner, Programme European territorial cooperation programme Greece - Bulgaria 2007 - 2013, Present 2011-2013

    PHONE: 00359 73 885017
    FAX: 00359 885018
    E-mail: palata.bl@mail.bg
    Web site: www.cci-bl.org

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